Our Transport Automation Services

When it comes to automated transport solutions, we are real market leaders! Our team specializes in offering automated material transport and handling facilities. We have customized solutions that can reduce the need for trained staff or expensive moving materials. Throughout your moving experience, our automated solutions will help you!

Over the years, we have managed to design special solutions that can automate the transport of large, medium and small payloads. Our services are not restricted by industries or requirements. Instead, we are capable of handling a wide range of requirements. Regardless of whether you need transport solutions for a hospital, business or hazardous industry – our automation strategies will help you.

Here are few ways our automated transportation facilities can assist you:

#1 Linen Services

The list of automated transport solutions begins with linen services. We help in the delivery of clean linens. This service supports hospital laundry and prevents germs from spreading. It improves the confidence of patients who are receiving care at the hospitals. Hospital laundry helps with staff clothing and patient apparels too.

#2 Autonomous Transport

One of our newest transportation innovations is “Autonomous Transport”. Autonomous transportation is all about using mobile robots that can free “human staff” for value added tasks. Laboratories and pharmacies can rely on these robots to securely transport supplies, specimens, health information and medications. They can move items without allocating any man work hours.

#3 Specimen & Blood Transportation

As mentioned previously, specimen and blood transport is an important area that requires automation. Our specialized solutions can help you with timely transportation of blood. All blood products will be delivered to the patients in the right conditions. With the help of automation, you can transport in few minutes. Potentially, life-saving lab results and decisions can be transported quickly too! We value your time and are talented to deliver customized automation solutions for your needs. All our solutions will make sure your materials and specimens are not contaminated, mishandled or tampered during the move. Our automated solutions have in-built “tracking” systems. These are advanced systems that store and handle data usefully. The systems eliminate all kinds of errors and delays.

#4 Case Cart Transportation

Have you ever come across case cart transportation? Over the years, hospitals have increased their focus on material management. They believe that material management can control costs. By centralizing various processes like preparation, storage and stocking, you can make sure all necessary equipment are present. This way, you can avoid spending on unnecessary equipment or delays is not owning the right equipment to support procedures.

#5 Hazardous Material Transportation

The talk about our automated solutions will remain incomplete without “Hazardous Materials”. During the transport of hazardous products, our team follows a predestined set of rules and regulations. All our transport specialists pay close attention to protect the system, patient details and personnel information. We make sure the transportation happens with the hospital’s protocol in mind. In most cases we begin by automating with a pneumatic tube system.

Our transport automation services don’t stop here! Regardless of what your needs are, we will help you automate anything and everything.