Automation in the Semiconductor Industry

Are you looking for electronic solutions with the highest level of precision in plastic electronics and semiconductor production? If yes, look no further! We are pioneers in the semiconductor automation industry. Our engineers have worked in many challenging environments and have mastered the art of automating semiconductors!

Semiconductor Production – An Art!

Technically, semiconductor production has several steps. Experts believe that there are hundreds of process steps in semiconductor production. Most of these movements are in nanometer range. That is why many companies find it difficult to reach utmost levels of precision during production. Indeed, the semiconductor industry wants powerful automation partners who can provide customized and innovative system solutions. We have a portfolio that fits these requirements perfectly. We work with new technologies in electronics and semiconductors. Our strategies have helped many companies enjoy a leading edge in the industry. May it be quality or function; we will make sure your process steps are automated spotlessly.

Setting New Standards

With our liner motion systems, you will be able to set a new standard for configurability. In our automation systems, all electronic parts are carefully mounted outside the actual process chamber. This offers a non-contact technique for moving important wafers through the chambers (enclosed). The automated system is extremely easy to install and maintain. Additionally, you will have better control over various motion operations too.

We have delighted our clients with numerous modules for different processes like wafer staging, wafer handling and gantry care. From high speed positions to jerk-free slow movements, our automation systems guarantee utmost levels of precision. Throughout the globe, we have customers who rely on our expertise and dense network.

Why You Need Us!

There are several reasons why you should hire our semiconductor automation engineers. First of all, you will be able to save resources and energy. In the long run, you will cut down plenty of costs. Plastic electronics gives an overview of the production of organic and foldable displays. These products conserve resources, are environmental friendly and compatible with different production methods. Plastic electronics has opened a huge number of product possibilities. Meanwhile, it has increased the need for automation in semiconductors.

Technology is our key selling point. Our engineers have been able to discover and promote developments and future technologies quickly. For example, we were able to automate many solar industries. Also, we have ventured into plastic electronics before anyone else. Accomplishing these tasks requires plenty of knowledge and passion. This is what our engineers focus on! The company has gathered several decades of valuable experiences and skills.

Other Services

Here are few other ways our services can help your semiconductor business:

1)      Organic coating for semiconductor production

2)      Automating printing processes

3)      Research and development in the semiconductor industry!

The Ultimate Bottom Line

To know more about how you can test, design, assemble and package your automated semiconductor business, hire us! Our experts will reach your company in no time and offer you a world of possibilities!