Power Generation

Power Generation

Our Trip into Power Generation

Power generation is an important business for the next few decades. There are so many different methods to generate power. From nuclear power plants to energy from waste to CHP plants to decommissioning, there are several ways to extract power. Our engineers are trained to work with detail and significance. And, our business is carefully planned to meet the needs of regulated industries! Regardless of how complicated or tacky your business requirements are; we can help you. Don’t think twice to contact us or avail our automation services. If your requirement is to automate power generation, we are here to assist you.

Our Area of Specialization

Our area of expertise spans across the following power generation industries (however, we are not limited to them):

1)      CHP automation

2)      Nuclear vision system

3)      Nuclear plant monitoring

4)      Energy from waste

5)      District heating

6)      Nuclear plant decommissioning

All these industries have benefited from our spotless automation support. We have helped them “generate” power without any hassles or tussles. Indeed, you can benefit from our services too! The next few lines will give you a quick overview on how our automated power generation strategies can help your business. All our methods are regulated and performed by experienced engineers.

Automating CHP Systems

As mentioned previously, we have automated many CHP systems and offered long term solutions. One of the solutions used a gas turbine for power generations. The system worked with heat for steam generation. Together, immense amounts of power were generated. In the beginning, everything was handled manually. However, things have changed in recent times! Most of the CHP systems are automated. Our experts have used their skill and decades of experience to automate powerful CHP systems. Automation has increased the efficiency and performance of the power generators. Very little energy is wasted from the plants.

Energy from Waste!

Energy from waste is one of our key selling points. We have executed a wide range of modest projects for customers who wish to generate energy from wastes. We have automated and built modular systems for various applications. These power generators are customized to specific applications. One of our specially designed power generators is built using Siemens 300 PLC with InTouch SCADA. This control system delighted the customer. It was predominantly energy efficient and reliable. The day this system was commissioned, they witnessed a drastic change in efficiency and performance. Energy from Waste was one of our finest and energy-efficient projects.

Automating Nuclear Power Plants

Moving on, we have supported several nuclear plant monitoring units too. Our projects in the nuclear industry were related to decommissioning and automation. Well, due to confidentiality issues, we cannot speak much about these projects here! However, you are welcome to know more about them. Come in touch with our engineers, and they will give you a comprehensive overview on how to automate your nuclear power plants.

On the whole, we have plenty of automation solutions for your power generator plants! Our solutions are all about efficiency, performance and reliability.