Automation At its Best! Automate Your Pharmaceutical Business!

 Our skills and expertise in pharmaceutical automation dates back by several decades. We have partnered with many premiere brands to offer flexible and reliable automation solutions. As you go through our portfolio, you will come across solutions that can cater all your requirements. Our engineers and automation experts have created a portfolio that ensures a comprehensive and integrate-able automation approach. That means, you can use our automation components to meet your highest and scalable requirements. Here are few areas you can use our automation solutions:

1)      Process control

2)      Manufacturing execution

3)      Operating and monitoring units

4)      Sensor systems

5)      Building new concepts and automation technologies

6)      Building new identification systems

 The Stages

 When it comes to scaling up production, you should focus on many steps. Things become tricky and challenging when you have to develop a series of new pharmaceutical products. There are standards every company should follow! And we offer automation solutions that are tailored to suit all your process requirements and stages. Whether you are in the laboratory stage or about to launch a pilot project, we can help you! Our automation solutions are flexible and expandable. We have worked with customers who have huge laboratories and those with compact requirements. All our automation solutions have decisive advantages. For example, you don’t have to worry about the approval of new pharmaceutical production sites. Our clear cut strategies and methods have simplified the effort and time required to gain approval.

 Benefits of Automating Your Pharmaceutical Industry

 All pharmaceutical manufacturers should focus on improved control and better transparency levels. They should be careful with every stage in their manufacturing processes. Here is where our automation execution systems come into the picture. We have efficient systems that can trace and control all processes. Everything connected to manufacturing or research of pharmaceutical products can be integrated with our automation methods. We use indispensable technologies that result in optimum operational results. Always bear in mind that our automation methods guarantee reliable levels of traceability and can cover all levels of pharmaceutical procedures. Here are few benefits in using our automation solutions at your pharmaceutical venture:

1)      Reduced production cycles

2)      Optimized usage of resources

3)      Better compliance with legal rules and regulations

4)      Reduced risks and better levels of transparency

5)      Fully electronic release and record of procedures

6)      Real time response to various market requirements and changes

7)      Efficient pharmaceutical manufacturing systems that blend with life sciences seamlessly


A Modular Solution


Most of our automation strategies rely on modular monitoring and operating systems. These systems can meet all aspects of your pharmaceutical business. The systems can be integrated with individual devices or with the entire unit. The innovative systems are designed using open interfaces that are both scalable and flexible. The facilities are subject to frequent audits. That means, you don’t have to worry about overall quality or efficiency. We will cover all functional and non-functional aspects for you. Quality is an integrated feature of our automation solutions.