Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Top Notch Oil and Gas Services

Looking for talented oil and gas service providers? Do you wish to hire experts who can get the job done well? If yes, look no further! We have years of experience in oil and gas offshore projects. Our engineers are trained to work with sophisticated equipment. They will make sure your tasks are accomplished perfectly.

A Challenging Industry

Oil and gas is an interesting global industry. It is extremely different from most other jobs. When it comes to oil and gas services, you are bound to come across terms like “Rope access, inspection, maintenance and repair” services. We have skilled experts who can take care of your “Rope-based” needs. We offer a comprehensive range of services to support and enhance your asset lifecycle schemes. The professionals will take care of everything from initial construction to asset integrity to decommissioning! Regardless of where your assets are, its height or location, our oil & gas services will keep you covered.

Rope Access

One of our premium services would be rope access. We have experts who can work from difficult access regions and at any height. They are trained to work with a wide range of innovative and sophisticated equipment. Their efforts will add more value to your worksites. Here are few of our rope access services:

1) Recovery and rescue service

2) Work positioning

3) Confined space intrusion

Engineering Support

Engineering support is one of our key selling points. We offer a one stop solution that covers project management, delivery of multi-disciplined services and technical support. Our engineers have a proven record of working in large scale environments. Most of our works are done closely with clients. Engineering support is an integrated solution that covers the following:

1) Multi-disciplined site services

2) Research and project design

3) Workpack development

4) Implementation and delivery of work

5) Testing and commissioning 

6) Ongoing maintenance and periodic inspection

Rigging and Lifting

Talk on concept to completion will remain incomplete without “Rigging and Lifting”. This is an important engineering solution offered by our rope access technicians. Rigging and Lifting is done using flawless plans, equipment and qualified technicians. All our experts are officially certified and accredited. That means, you don’t have to worry about the quality of our services. Here are few notable rigging services we offer:

1) Installation of the actual structural skeleton

2) Riser installation

3) Installation of pipework

4) Installation of deluge system

5) Decommissioning

6) Construction tasks

7) Diving support

Continuous inspection of all your lifting equipment will be done by our experts. Lifting operations are done with standard rules and regulations in mind. The technicians are often accompanied by talented project managers too! Apart from periodic examinations, if your equipment is subject to issues or damage, we will cover it for you. Here are few of our lifting services:

1) Dis assembly or examination of equipment

2) Load testing

3) Visual examination

4) Measuring wear and tear