Our Journey into Automated Mines

 Our automation products are used across the world to keep mines open and workers safe. We have spent decades in this industry. If you want your mining business to become efficient and high performance, you should make use of our solutions. Our automation systems are reliable, rugged and versatile. We promise low power consumption systems that can be used in very harsh environments. Most of our automation solutions are meant to function in unsafe conditions, remote areas and harsh environments. Well, they are extremely robust and reliable. Some of our key selling solutions are meant for lighting warning, slope stability analysis, tailing monitoring, shaft stability, weather monitoring, mine ventilation, environmental compliance and equipment performance. All of these systems can be linked together in a network with outputs directed to GIS units.

 Top Solutions

 Here is a quick insight on how our automated mining solutions work:

1)      The weather monitoring solution will make sure your mining operations are carried out under apt conditions. It will shut down when equipment and people have to be protected. The monitoring solution is used to record wind direction & speed, barometric pressure, air temperature and precipitation.

2)      The automated lightning warning solution offers real time data that can be used to trigger evacuations or shutdowns. In fact, the systems understand existing conditions and help in resuming work too! Text messages, visual alerts, audio alarms and emails are sent by the system to promote precautionary actions.

3)      When it comes to mining several environment conditions should be taken into consideration. Environmental compliance plays a vital role in handling mines. This is where our automated solution comes into the picture. The system gathers data automatically and reports results. Environmental compliance is done with the following parameters: atmospheric stability, solar gases, particulates and radiation.

 Benefits of Automated Minings

 As mentioned previously, our automated mining systems are all about reliable and performance. We use reliable data to reduce liability and risks. In the long run, you will be able to make prompt decisions, ensure safety and promote health. Of course, multiple asset management and equipment care are few other add-on features. With our automated control systems and measurements, you will be able to measure every storing entity, transmitting device, sensor and processing unit. Data can be extracted into your smart phones, corporate headquarters or field office. Meanwhile, data can be stored and communicated through satellite modems, radios, the intranet and internet.

 Hands On Training

 Do these devices and techniques sound challenging? Are you worried about how these devices can be handled by your team? If yes, fear not! We have a team of talented engineers who can help you with the automated mines. Our training sessions will be conducted at your site. The trainings will be customized to meet all your requirements. Hands on training and courses with our talented engineers will help you satisfy the needs of today and tomorrow.

 The Verdict

 On the whole, our experience in automated mines is vast! We have so many options and solutions for you! If it is automation you need, we have you completely covered.