Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Our Efficient, Flexible and Simple Medical Manufacturing Services

 Looking for a competitive medical market? Do you want to automate your services? If yes, look no further! Our automation solutions will help you with greater throughput, better yields and superior quality. This will reduce all kinds of complications in your business. Our integrated automation and information solutions will address your innovative and intuitive medical manufacturing requirements. So, how can we help your medical manufacturing business?

 The Benefits

 Over the years, medical device manufacturing businesses have faced plenty of pressures. The pressure is due to regulatory compliance, safety and accuracy. Throughout the production process, medical device companies must stick to stern rules and regulations. The manufacturers must follow automation to enhance their competitive edge. We offer comprehensive information and integrated automation solutions for medical device manufacturers. Our prime goal is to reduce manual labor and improve quality, reduce costs and enhance throughput. Here are few benefits in using our automated medical devices:

1        Decreased cycle times

2        Improved efficiency of medical integrated systems

3        Decreased cost of compliance

4        Improved visibility to allow complete traceability

Moreover, we use agile and flexible medical manufacturing systems to address and meet standards. After all, you need manufacturing intelligence to enjoy high ROIs. This is where we can help. Our automation intelligence will boost the growth & standard of your business.

 Holding On to Efficiency

 Efficiency is identified as a crucial factor in medical device manufacturing routines to reduce the overall effort and time to market. Our automation solutions are meant to eliminate paperwork, ensure high quality and get rid of errors. These solutions have reduced the need for resources that perform unnecessary tasks and also cut down material waste. Our manufacturing execution system offers seamless integration from the ERP to quality dashboards to shop floor, and more. Meanwhile, we have specialized engineers with high repair and rework capabilities.

 Manufacturing medical intelligence is one of our key selling points. We have smart automation solutions to improve reporting capabilities and data collection. Data from these automated systems ensure the following:

1)      Enhanced customer experience

2)      Boost your competitive status

3)      Reduced time lag during data reporting


 Improved Quality & Productivity

Improved quality and productivity is another area of focus. We work with many companies to expand production capacity. By working with these companies and improving our automation strategies, we have achieved the following:

1)      Better paperless reporting standards

2)      Improved productivity. The overall productivity of your organization will improve by at least 20%.

3)      Efficient trace systems and end-to-end tracking methods to improve your quality control strategies.

 Scalable & Flexible Packaging Solutions

 Are you looking for scalable and flexible solutions for packaging your medical devices? Once again, our automation services will help you. We have scalable and modular linear motor devices for controlling multiple movers. These devices can be used on curvilinear and straight paths. The automation solutions for packaging have effective and simple software profiles. They will redefine the speed at which you work! Our flexible automation packaging service will help you in the following ways:

1)      Reduced need for maintenance

2)      Improved production by at least 50%

3)      Reduced time for changeovers