Forestry Products

Forestry Products

Introducing Automation into Your Forestry and Paper Industry

 Forestry is a custom-made for automation. In many critical areas, we have introduced automated products to reduce labor charges, cut roll damage, optimize storage, reduce capital expenses and improve productivity. These are reasons behind the fame and glory of our automation solutions! If you are moving into the future, you need our automation strategies to promote profitability, safety and productivity.

 If you want to automate your forestry products, look no further! Our solutions will definitely revolutionize your business.

 Here are few business solutions that can help you with automation for the forest and paper industry.

 Revolutionizing Productivity

 Our automated storage and retrieval solution will revolutionize productivity for you! If your mill has very little space, you should invest on our storage platform. The automation system will improve the speed at which you handle things! Also, the space required to store your wood products and paper rolls will decrease drastically. The automated solution requires lessor space than all forklift units. The system is capable tracking locations for each barcoded forestry products and ensuring a fresh inventory. Additionally, you will save up to 30% of energy in your factories. Electricity is fed back from our automation solutions into the network and used to handle other machineries. This way, your overall energy charges and environmental impact will be reduced. What makes our automated solutions superior would be its ability to eliminate labor costs too.

 Protecting Your Employees

 Our organization strongly believes that automation can protect employees and products. All our systems are designed to function safely around people. Access to all automated regions are synchronized with cranes. This means, you will be able to access automated areas only if the cranes are in standby mode. There are special and separately protected areas around the cranes. The crane is carefully synchronized with a control system using hardwired signals during material drop-off and pick-up. This strategy maximizes safety and prevent unexpected faults. Apart from cranes, there are plenty of safety features in our forestry industry. This includes over-speed protection, overload protection, emergency stop functions and limits for crane motion. The automated solutions are engineered to meet all local and international safety regulations.

 New Technologies, Better Results!

 Our newest automation systems are innovated to move up to 1000 tons of paper pulp onto train cars. When compared against traditional forklifts, our automated systems save time and a significant amount of capital & labor costs. If required, you can drive our automated systems manually too (though we don’t encourage this). Moving on, we will take care of your automated forest and paper industry’s software interfaces. If you are worried about warehouse management, you don’t have to look any further. Our automated systems are built using customized technologies. These products are a result of decades of experience. The technologies are tested and proven in actual fields. Regardless of how experienced or talented your engineers are, fear not! Our specialists will offer them hands on training. They will be trained to handle the software interfaces directly.